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Department of Psychology
PYC2015 202/3/2010


Dear Student In this tutorial letter, we will discuss the following: Feedback on Assignment 02

FEEDBACK ON ASSIGNMENT 02 1 General comments on Assignment 02

We were pleased that many students submitted Assignment 02 which was also compulsory for examination admission. The aim of Assignment 02 was to help students to work through the second part of the syllabus. Students who submitted Assignment 02 will receive a computer printout containing the following information: (a) the correct answers (b) your own answers and (c) the mark you obtained. If you
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This response conveys empathy, respect, and unconditional positive regard, while allowing Alan=s parents to remain congruent in terms of their own values about what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Alternative 1 is incorrect. Rogers distinguishes between acceptance of the person and acceptance of the behaviour. Children need to feel accepted in a consistent way but specific behaviour can be disapproved of. Alternative 3 is also incorrect. Rogers did not say that unconditional positive regard is to accept anything and everything. Alternative 4 is incorrect as well as it seems that what the parents will convey to the child is conditional rather than unconditional positive regard. It is also doubtful whether a child of two will feel guilty and start choosing more constructive responses.

6 Question 4 Thandeka has been in corporate banking for the better part of her adult working life. She has been very successful and has advanced more rapidly than many of her colleagues. Despite her achievements, however, she does not feel fulfilled through her