Health Safety And Security In The Health Sector

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Group 2

Unit 03 Health, safety and security in the health sector.

1.1 Outline how risks to health safety and security can be minimised in an organisation or service.
Risks can be minimised by following standard procedures within the work place.
Machinery, tools or materials- Machinery should be guarded correctly with the appropriate controls fitted ( including emergency stops and interlocks). Routine inspection and effective defect reporting system will also help reduce misuse and minimise risk. Adequate training for all equipment is the best way to ensure your employees are using machinery in the appropriate way.
Slips and trips- Ensure floors are in good condition, adequately lit and with designated walkways. Good
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You should always wear the uniform provided by the employer to ensure your identity and safety within your service when dealing with public and professionals. Always having contact with professionals will inform them/you of any information which may be of importance. Keeping yourself and uniform clean and tidy is important as hygiene is a high risk within any sector of work.

2.1 Identify situations that may need an emergency response.
Deep wounds excess bleeding burglary blow to the head neck injury broken bone abuse fire car accident assaults mugging gas leak blown pipes blown mains line
These are just some of the situations that may need emergency attention. An emergency could mean a number of things not just an injury which could involve police, fire services, ambulance service, gas and electric providers and so forth..

2.2 Describe the process for summoning immediate help in an emergency.
When dealing with an emergency you need to assess the situation to identify what help is needed.
Injury- I would call for ambulance assistants by dialling 999 immediately.
Fire- I would call for the fire service by dialling 999.
Assaults- I would call for police services by dialling 999.
Gas related- I would call for maintenance assistants and gas services which numbers will be different.
Electric related- I would call for maintenance and