Miss Representation Analysis

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In today's society , the media influence viewers that women are valued based on their physical appearance and not their knowledge. Throughout history women have made progress since the 1920's, but there is still an disadvantage compared to men. Everyone perceives it is a men' world therefore, women are limited to expand their horizon due to social roles. The director Jennifer Newsom effectively convinces the audience of Miss Representation that women are at a disadvantage in society through the use of evidential videos, statistics, and personal stories. The media has contribute in every person daily life, people spend numerous hours on television, movies, internet, and the news. In the documentary Miss Representation an average person consumes …show more content…
She started in fourth grade by running for public office, she stated "every time that I could run for something, I didn't run for anything less". She aimed for the higher seat rather than settling for something less such as vice president. During her campaign, she had experience a couple of incidents whereas, males candidates would say " She speaks well for a woman." The reason why the producer picked her because she is a prime example for the youth, she shared her first hand experience with male runner ups. In conclusion, Jennifer Siebel Newsom is a brilliant producer constructing a informative documentary. The producer provided excellent evidence that women in today's society has a disadvantage, In the documentary she shown the viewers what real men feel about women advancing in life or how a women's body is portray in the media. In addition, Newsom provided real statistics, and personal stories from professional speakers. All in all, the documentary educated me in all aspect about women and changed my perception about the mass