Miss Selfridge Fashion Forecasting Report Essay

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Assignment 2

The Summery of the Group Work
A fashion forecasting report was conducted for Miss Selfridge Company to enable the development of new fashion ideas that would appeal to its customers. After getting familiar with the classic Miss Selfridge style and its history the research process had begun.
One of the most useful resources for ideas were the Fashion weeks, showing collections of famous and up and coming designers in New York, London, Paris and Milan. The most coveted pieces, cuts, fabrics and colours were noted and further observed on reputable websites / such as Vogue.com, Style.com and Wsgn.com. /and in magazines / Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, Bazaar etc. /. The blogs of well-known fashion bloggers were also visited where
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According to the results of the survey that Miss Selfridge conducted most of its customers belongs to this category.
According to careful prediction the percentage of the company`s Late majority customers will be very low this season due to the affordable pricing and tempting, sleek designs. By the time the Late adopters enter the market and most of the sales begin Miss Selfridge will be in the process of developing and presenting the next season`s lines and the whole circle begins again.
The adoption process models of Rogers (1962 and 1983) and Robertson (1971) reflect the psychological process that each customers go through when choosing an innovation. This is the process that all the customers – innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority – have in common.
According to Roger`s theory the customer first gains KNOWLEDGE ( same as the stage AWARENESS in Roger`s 1962 model). Without this no product has any chance of surviving. For the Innovators this usually happens at the season`s first fashion shows or exhibitions. For the early adopters and other customers the season`s new window displays, fashion magazine adverts or fast acting innovators deliver the message. As Miss Selfridge