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Core Beliefs are things you know and things you believe that are true about yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks or feels about you. For example If i said to myself “i am clever, i am handsome, i’m a great person with lots of value ” whilst you cannot pinpoint this and says its 100% true what others think or say should not matter anyway in reality . The point is that what you are is limited by what you think about yourself or to better put it: what you know you are.
If we have positive core beliefs and attribute them to ourselves even through we are slightly pretending they eventually become part of us and we create our own reality of we believe. We address ourselves with positive thoughts and feelings regardless of where we are or what we are doing. Some people can pretend as a way of jumping onto the first step whilst some who have mastered their belief system to its fullest are able to simply feel good about themselves and have no problem keeping their head straight knowing that they are someone special, what anyone else says does not effect their opinion of themselves. Someone who knows their own value is in a reality of “im good, im feeling great and i can do anything if i put my mind to it”. This goes double if it actually is true to other people. Then again what is true? True is when someone considers them self that it is true, it is something proven or shown. Do you consider it true that you are a person of high value? Because that is all that matters.
Of course people have different views on different people but you yourself are actually creating your own reality of what is right about yourself. This is not to say you should lie to yourself all the time but be true to yourself. If someone has ditched you like a friend for example does not mean you should think with the mindset “i am a bad friend and useless, i will go cry now”. What instead should happen is that if you did do something wrong you would apologize and instead of beating yourself forgive yourself as soon as possible, life is too short to beat ourselves up 100 times with a negative thought process then make identity for ourselves by reminding our self 100 times what we did to the other person. This is just one example.
In another example you can actually trick yourself into enjoying something like maths classes. I would tell myself in my head it is exciting and enjoy it even if it was not my favorite subject. The point here is that your almost tricking your brain into thinking a certain way but at the same your not, your just being true to the way you think. Remember when i touched on positivity well it is core beliefs that is behind it all, if you practice you can master it.
“You tend to think that your beliefs are rigid or unchanging. When what your belief is, is only a thought that you keep thinking. It’s more like a habit of thought…”
Core beliefs are not outside facts rather it is just something you believe to be true and know yourself, no one else can comes into the equation of what you think. IT is simply that your thought about yourself is actually more important than others, of course its silly to ignore others thoughts and just consider them as nothing but what they say should make you the person you are.
A core belief can originate from a place of positivity or negativity. So when you are thinking in your head “i don’t deserve to be in this persons presence” this is a negative core belief that you yourself has made up for no reason. When you say “i am a person of high value and a lot to offer” this is a positive core belief, you are thinking highly of yourself.
Let me give you some examples of positive and negative Core Beliefs:
Positive core beliefs: 1. I am a good worker (I am incompetent) 2. I am am loved by many (I am Lovable ) 3. I am effective,