Essay about Missing Controlled Drugs

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This is a reflection paper in response to the incident that happened with the alleged missing Oxynorm for Augustus Stanish during one of my night shifts. Considering the number of factors that contributed to this incident the one that stands out most is the fatigue. I have been working for six straight night shifts and lack of sleep would be considered of upmost importance here. The significant person involved in this incident was I, Charito Diaz the RN on the other side of the hospital wing and the incoming staff after my shift. The key factors in this experience are the lack of knowledge with the policies and procedures to undertake when there is a missing controlled drug and the fact that I didn’t act responsibly towards the incident by making an erroneous entry on the controlled drug book.
I wasn’t really trying to achieve anything in this experience. In fact instead of sorting this one out properly what I did was wrote down an erroneous entry on the controlled drug book therefore making the case far more worst than it seems. I intervene the way I did because I was afraid of being blamed not only by myself as well as the rest of the staff and management. The consequences of my action were obviously unacceptable considering the fact that I am a professional and should serve as a good model and an example to others. To the resident although he was informed of the incident that transpired he told me to take extra precaution next time. To my colleagues I felt that I wasn’t acting maturely and responsibly with what happened.
Internal factors influencing my decision once again were mentioned was the feeling of blame and the thought of being criticized by fellow staff members. External factors would be the lack of support from the management and the thought of not undergoing a fair investigation. I know that what I did was totally unacceptable and against the companies policy and procedure.
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