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Lu Lu
Sept 9th,2014

Case Analysis: Missing Vacation (Revision) Strategic Issues and Problem:
Some studies and surveys show that more than half of the
American workers don’t take all of their vacations, or many of the workers are still working during vacations. The industries and the companies are all facing the same problem of how to encourage their employees to take vacations, at the meantime, increasing productivity and boost creativity. Evaluation and Analysis:
There are several reasons for employees not taking their vacations:
Some of them still get contacted by colleagues, since their co­workers are still working; some of them may feel disconnected from the job and fear they will lose jobs when come back from vacations. From the culture perspective, people in America judge others by their living standards.
People tend to have the intuition that if you don’t work hard, you will have no money and become poor. Moreover, from the economic perspective, there are many companies don’t offer paid vacations to their employees, so some of the workers cannot even afford to take vacations.
There will be some negative effects on companies, if their employees don’t take vacations.
Overall productivities will decrease, workers’ creativity will get harmed by the routine works.
Moreover, the companies’ culture will become unhealthy, and less employees will go to vacations in the future. Alternatives: Policy makers could enforce American companies to give their employees paid vacations, and companies fail to do that will get banned by the laws. At the same time, company could introduce similar policy that rules employees to use up all of their vacations, and employees are not allowed to do any work during vacation. Employees get warnings or even get fired if they fail to follow the rules. The enforcements will be the most effective way to solve the problem, but companies and employees can lose their rights and freedom to perform their works, especially when emergencies happen in their works .
Another alternative is more realistic to…