Who I Am Mission Statement

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This mission statement is to give you a clear idea of who I am, what are some of my characteristics, my goals, and basically my mission in this life. I could like any other student write some of the characteristics that were given on the handout and write a few goals that are accepted by society, but instead I’m going to write about who I really am and my “goals” in life. Some of the characteristics that were written on the handout do not describe me at all, but are rather characteristics I want to develop and have, that is my goal. I am not a person who has patience or who is forgiving at all times, but I am a human being and I am working on it. I am not a person of courage, I am scared of a lot of things and I do not always do what is right. I make mistakes I learn from them, it changes my view, I grow and I move on. I still do not know which career path I should take, but when I do figure it out I know it will be a career which will contribute to society, put food on the table, and is not going to be work, but a hobby because if it is not a job where I am happy then it is not worth doing it no matter the salary. I am working on figuring out what I am going to do with my life because there is never one solid answer and the reason is because I am always learning, experiencing new things, and changing my mind. This mission statement does not describe all of who I am, but it is a small part because it is impossible to put down who you are, your goals, and your future in one