Mission Statement and Bjhbi Juice Essay

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Executive Summary
Kevin Singh, Bradley Kreisher, Josh Monteith, Kyle Ivey
Company Description:
Company Name: The name of our company is Bjhbi Juice
Company Mission Statement: The mission statement of our company is “We are in the business of improving a high level of customer satisfaction and the highest quality of management leadership by dedication to personal goals exceeding all expectations.”
Company Location: The location of the headquarters for our business is 1 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
The location we have chosen to be the location for our headquarters is a prime location for a headquarters due to the high amount of activity and the nearby quality Florida attractions.
Situational Analysis:
Three Objectives: Three objectives for our new business are we want to achieve over 50% of the sports drink market by 2016, we want to franchise our company globally by 2018, and we want to achieve the highest level of sports drink quality and customer service by 2014.
SWOT analysis: Our SWOT analysis ties together our (S)trengths, (W)eaknesses, (O)pportunities, and (T)hreats * Strengths: Prime Location, High Level of Overall Satisfaction, Highly Grossing Sports Drink market * Weaknesses: Low Amount of Beverage Selection * Opportunities: The decrease of caffeinated drinks * Threats: Gatorade, PowerAde, Propel, Vitamin Water
Target Market:
Who are you selling to: We are selling to Males and Females of all ages ranging from 12 to 37/
Demographics: Moderately to vigorously athletic Males and Females of all ages ranging from 12 to 37 in all areas globally
Psychographics: Our psychographics are people that want to replenish their bodies with the vital nutrients lost in medium to high level of athletic activity
Positioning Strategy: To set our company to a higher standard or to make our company more ideal than the others we have implemented various Bjhbi Juice flavors targeted to specific people based on their athletic levels or abilities ranging from moderate athleticism to vigorous athleticism.
Customer Profile: Our customer profile is moderate to vigorous athletic Males and Females of all ages ranging from 12 to 37 in all areas globally
Marketing/Advertising Strategy:
Logo: Our logo is strategically planned to combine simplicity and complexity.

Slogan: Our slogan is likewise to our logo and is strategically planned to combine simplicity and