Mississippi Goddamn Protest Song Analysis

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From the 60’s and even now there are many protest songs that bring out and discuss issues that people may not be aware of. Songs about civil rights to discrimination have been very popular as time went on. These songs bring important issues to the light so that others are in the loop of current events.

‘Mississippi Goddamn was written by Nina Simone in 1964. In the lyrics she speaks about segregation which is the elimination of laws, customs, or practices under which people from different religions, ancestries, ethnic groups, etc., are restricted to specific or separate public facilities, neighborhoods, schools, organizations (dictionary.com). She sang about how African American people were subject to segregation from many places in Mississippi and Alabama. “Jim Crow” laws at the local and state levels barred them from classrooms and bathrooms, from theaters and train cars, from juries and legislatures (history.com). During the segregation African
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This protest song denounces violence & the stereotypical view of immigrants. M.I.A sings about how being an immigrant that she was subject to violence for others as well as being stereotyped as being a terrorist by the United States. Paper planes refers to her frustrations of trying to secure a US work Visa. As a British artist with Sri Lankan Tamil descent, she viewed herself as a victim of racial profiling. In 2006, she was placed on the Department of Homeland Security risk list because of the political content of her lyrics in this song. Being an immigrant M.I.A felt as if she was being discriminated against because he was from another country. About 100 years about scientist associated violence on immigrants and race. It was said that immigrants who come to the United States would bring more violence and poverty to the area (Martinez & Valenzuela