Mistakes: World War Ii and Roaring Twenties Essay example

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Flaws are part of human nature. Mistakes are necessary; without errors humans would not be able to learn and prevent future mistakes. Faults do not weaken humans it only makes people stronger. History is a testimony to learning from trial and error; two examples are the Roaring Twenties and Treaty of Versailles.

The Roaring Twenties was a carefree and cheerful era in which people lived for the present and worried about the future later. As of result, people bought stock, spent extravagant amounts of money and used credit when they had no money. However, what goes up must come down. The consequence of living carefree and buying things with no money resulted in an abrupt disaster. The stock market crashed, banks foreclosed, businesses bankrupted and money depreciated. Chaos erupted in America and started a melancholy era named the Great Depression. Nonetheless, many positives resulted from the mistakes people made. To obviate the incident from repeating, President Roosevelt created several programs that would later instill the foundation for a safer economy: FDIC insured 100,000 per bank account and SEC monitored the stock market to prevent potential crashes. Through errors, people learned the valuable experience of managing money wisely and buying stocks judicially.

On a more serious note than the Roaring Twenties, the Treaty of Versailles ended World War I and entailed severe repercussions. The controversial peace terms divided countries (Balkans) and forced Germany to burden the guilt. Ultimately, the treaty was one of many reasons for why World War II started. Although the treaty indirectly caused World War