Mitigating Crime In The Workplace Johnson Essay

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Mitigating Crime in the Workplace
Jonathan Johnson
HRMT 200

Many factors dictate what is considered a "successful workplace". It is unfortunate how many workers are abused physically, emotionally, and mentally. However, it appears that the ethical factor is most harmful of all. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOC) was established in order to protect workers from discrimination and wrongful treatment whether it relates to employment, or on the job experiences. But just by observation and experience, it is the opinion of the author that young adults are being illegally discriminated on a daily basis in the workplace.

Mitigating Crime in the Workplace According to the Youth at Work website, there are multiple rights young workers have in order to protect them from discrimination of either being hired or receiving the same benefits all other workers do. Workers should remain free of discrimination from training, wages and benefits because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability and age( (Section:
Your Rights). I will discuss ideas that I would enforce if put in charge of young adults and workers in general in the workplace so that they are aware and hopefully can avoid unfair treatment within the workplace. Assuming that I was given a position in human resources for Applebee's, my first step would be conducting random inspections by sitting through interviews throughout the employment process ensuring that there is a fair recruiting opportunity for the applicant. Then after the employee is hired, I would have them review over the Youth at Work website, because it is vital that they understand the rights they are given such as: Work Free of Discrimination, harassment, the ability to complain about unfair treatment without punishment or repercussion. I would also require managers to have each employee they hire to have a 10-15 minute brief with me to introduce myself to them and inform them of my reason for being there. I will make sure they understood the information from the website and let…