Essay on Mitochondrion and Cardiac Conduction Defects

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Kearn sayre syndrome

Did you know Kearn Sayer Syndrome is rare but commonly developed before age 20 to those who are dianoised with the disease? Young children are most likely to carry the syndrome by abnormalities in the DNA of the mitochindria. Alot of people don't know what it is or what it can cuase. The effects of this disease are plenty. Although the disease is rare what kind of treatment can be used to treat Kearn Sayre Syndrome (KSS)? In 1992 emedicine found 226 cases world wide of KSS. "One online emedicine article found only 226 cases world wide in the literature by 1992 by ewa pasner, MD" (WWW.UMDF.ORG)

Kearn Sayre Syndrome is a mitochondrial disease which begins as a slowly progress of the drooping of the eyelids which also know as ptosis. Other eye muscles begin to be paralized of the eye movement this is known as "chronic progress external ophthamoplegia." ( Kearns-sayre syndrome: a mitochindrial disease). Also this disease degenerates the retina causing abnormal accumulation of pigmented material. KSS have many effects on other organs in the body most commonly the eye but another most common important organ is the heart. It can block eletrical signals in the heart. " Block of electrical signals in the heart ( Cardiac conduction defects elevated cerebrospinal fluid protein) in-coordination of movements (ataxia)." KSS (WWW.UMDF.ORG)

The causes KSS have on the cell are single large deletion of the genetic material of DNA of the mitochindria. This cause can be transmitted cells in the eyes, muscles, and heart. The mitochondria has a small amount of their own DNA and in humans. Mitochondrial DNA contains 37 genes which helps the mitochondria function. Actually some of those genes give instructions for making enzymes and the process of making ATP. The remaining of genes give introductions to transfer RNA and making ribosomes. By KSS alot of large deletions "The deletion range is from 1000 to 10000 nucleotides" occur and effects the job of the mitochondria. (Kearns-sayre syndrome Also by the large deletions of the mitochondria DNA their is loss of genes that produces proteins. The DNA in the mitochondria keeps everything going, it starts the process of many things and the most importance of the mitochondria without it, it won't function correctly.

The common symptoms which occur in KSS are many. Typical disorders which occur within any one without having KSS. The main symptoms for Kss are degeneration of the retina, abnormalities of cardiac electrical conduction. The other disorder that can occur to a non-KSS patient can be diabetes, deafness,dementia, kidney disfunction and weak muscles. Also the most common disorder in mitochondrial disease is growth retardation, short stature. Theses symptoms will occur for KSS in the stages of the disease.

As for treatment there really isn't a cure for the disorder. The treatment that are