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What is the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis?

What is the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis? Mitosis self produces cells asexually in single celled organisms. The counterpart of Mitosis is Meiosis. Meiosis occurs in multi-cellular organisms such as plants and animals. The process involves the use of gametes from two organisms such as the egg and sperm for example. In the process of fusion, the gametes combine two different sets of genetic material into one new organism completely different from the parents, unique with their own traits but are from the same group. The processes of mitosis and meiosis occurs in all living organisms. Mitosis to build and maintain structure and systems, and meiosis for reproduction to create a new complex organism. All organisms use both mitosis and meiosis to build, maintain, and reproduce. Both are present complex organisms that reproduce sexually. A more detailed explanation of mitosis in complex organisms would be the maintenance of muscles, tissues, organs, bones, and anything else that is involved in keeping the machine we call the human body well oiled, fresh, and replenished at all times. In the mitosis, cells can produce exact copies of themselves for what ever purpose needed. A good example of this would be stem cells. Science studies stem cells with the hope to restore structures and functions to the human body without surgery and medication. Stem cells can be used to replace broken parts by creating new and better parts in their place. This makes for an inexhaustible ability to regenerate…