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Mitt Romney: The Better President?

Some people may argue that Mitt Romney had made a big mistake when he ran for president in 2012, but as often as people say that others agree that he should give it a second shot in the 2016 elections. It is debatable whether or not he will achieve the new face as president of the United States for 2016, but since he had experience the close front of elections (48.8 to 48.1 votes to Obama), strong sources can support whether he will evolve from a candidate status to President from what he had learnt from the mistakes from his last election, his childhood and what he will do to change the future.

Why did Romney not manage to achieve the goals that he perceived back in 2012? His opinions seem to influence very strong viewpoints from his opponents and supporters. He always went beyond his comfort zone to get his points across, however, he tries hard to avoid any conflict, thus, distancing himself further from his original goals. He “couldn’t stand openly for the things that matter most to him… with his strategy of absences and denials” (Kabaservice, The Real Romney). Romney tend to compare himself to Obama so it made it hard for the voters to know

Every great man has to start from their upbringing and their childhood that influences their personality. The minute Mitt Romney was born, his father, George Wilcken Romney, became a highly rated executive as Managing Director of the Automotive Council for War Production; he was the third largest car company in the US during the early 60s. George Romney let the company to rest in 1961 and moved onto politics. Even though young Mitt Romney was falling underneath the shadow of his well- known father, he did not falter but instead tried to spend as much time possible with his beloved father. “They would hug upon meeting, and not just any hug," he recalls. "He would give Mitt a big bear hug and a kiss.” (Dick Milliman, This demonstrates the strong affection Mitt Romney had whilst he was growing up, he was close to all of his family members and did not get jealous or felt disdained about his father’s high position. His father gave Mitt Romney an easygoing childhood where he was born into a wealthy family and had an education from a prep high school, hence, he’s mislead in his decisions because he has not experienced the hardship of the outside world that his dad had to experience. On the other hand, many said he could have took on from his mother, who was Michigan's first female candidate for national office, since he never had backed down from a position, even if he is in a state of turmoil. “[Lenore Romney] became pregnant… although she was later required to have a hysterectomy” (Amy Sterling Casil, Even though Romney’s mother might not have survived if she had another baby, she still chose the baby’s life over her own. If he ran again in 2016, he should be careful not to run under the influence of his father but use it as an advantage; instead of adapting most of his decisions on his parents, he should think of the people of his country as well so that his choices are fair and less personal.

In 2012 when Mitt Romney was re-elected for president against Barack Obama, Romney had stated, “In the campaign to come, the American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense, and I intend to make it — because I