Mitty: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Life Essay

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1.I would say the central conflict in the story is Mitty vs. himself. Throughout the story he is fighting against himself trying to live a life that he once could of had. From the story we assume that he is a old man in his late 50’s, whose life just keeps getting worse and worse. In my opinion the story is based of a man who is getting too old for life on the outside, but on the inside wants to have a exciting and fun life. Wherever he goes, he always ends up day dreaming about something relevant to his surroundings. For example a newsboy went by shouting something about the Waterbury trial, which triggered Mitty’s day dreams, and wandered him off to a trial of his own. Another example is when
Mitty was reading a copy of Liberty, and stubbled upon a line in the text “Can
Germany Conquer the World Through the Air?” This brought him in the air force as a captain of other pilot’s.
2.The first example of onomatopoeia is in the beginning of the short story on his
Hydroplane when “the pounding of the cylinders increase: ta-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa-pocketa. ”
The second example in the story is when he was in the operating room and the tubes and wires began to go “ pocketa-pocketa-queep-pocketa-pocketa-queep. ”
Turber used these words because it brought more of a image in our head when hear these words. It makes us feel with Mitty in his day dreams
3.Its ironic that Mitty’s day dreams are about him being cool, fun, popular, heroic, exciting, but in real life he is just a poor old man with a nagging wife, and gets bossed around like a child.
4. This story is told in third person limited because it would change how the plot is in the story. If it was told in first person we would know how Mitty feels about his wife and life, and maybe it would take away how we feel bad for
Mitty. Third person makes it more appealing to the readers, when we don't know everything about the character, just enough to understand what's happening in the story.
5. Mitty is reserved/quiet person, who does not enjoy the real world.
Throughout the story Mitty does not talk very much, but he begins to when he enters his dream world. After his dream on the hydroplane, he awakes in his car with his wife said “Not so