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10th grade I have many career goals I want to achieve. One of my top career goals is to become a nurse and be able to work in that particular field in the army. I know I would have to do well in college and learn the techniques in order for me to become a nurse. I decided to pursue this specific career field because not only will it help me, but it will help others. People get sick and hurt every day, I would love to be that person to make them feel better and put a beautiful smile on their face. I actually love making people happy and laugh. In order for me to reach my careers goals I will use all the strength and knowledge I know. I will use the strength of my family, because they support me at everything I do. One of my most powerful strength is to silence all the negative voices in my head, and I would most definitely use that one at all times. Working in this particular field will benefit society because families send their loved ones to go fight for our country, each family expect for their loved ones to return back home healthy as ever. If it wasn’t for nurses or caregivers working in the army, how would the soldiers survive? I wish to participate in the 2014 shadow and executive program because it will actually give me many opportunities; such as taking the ACT for free offering to let me spend time with professionals at their work place. This program will show me all the steps I need to take in order for me to get to