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LC 73270 University of Missouri Athletics, this is a very important culture to the people of Columbia. More now than ever since Mizzou recently was added to the South Eastern Conference (SEC). There are very many different pieces of technology that go along with this popular Mizzou University and the SEC. There is so much technology surrounding the tigers that you can barely go anywhere surrounding Columbia and not find a Mizzou fan store. Ever since I can remember you have been able to go not only to stores around downtown Columbia, but you can also shop online to find any sort of apparel that you may want as a fan. There is a wide selection at this online store called “Tiger Town”, from hats to coffee mugs. You could basically remake your entire wardrobe and all you would need is a credit card. This is an important relationship to know about because anyone can get on the internet now a days, this is also an important thing to remember because not a lot of teams are popular enough to keep an online site like this running.

Social Networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Great examples for technology because they are both growing around the world with millions of different people from different countries using them. I’m not saying that every single person logs on just to see about the Missouri tigers but combining both networks fan base they have to have a following of more than 200-300 thousand people worldwide. For a small Big 12 team that just came into the SEC that’s pretty good. This is important because like I said these networks are at the disposal of anyone that has a computer or a smart phone.

The next piece of technology is an obvious one, smart phones, I can’t remember the last time I seen a person that did not have a phone. There for most people are at the mercy of their “Apps” I personally know of at least 3 apps that you can get on your phone to check scores of live streaming football games, check the current standings in the Conference or even check to see about any upcoming games. When and where they are going to be is pretty important because most Mizzou fans or students are going to want to know where they are going to be driving to next seeing as how none of the SEC schools are too close to us. The smart phone is a good technology example not only because of its Apps but because of the convenience.

Wow Mizzou just had to be the school that was the farthest North in the whole south eastern conference. This means fans are going to be driving insanely long distances to be in a town for one morning or afternoon. We are supposed to drive to places like Texas, Florida, and South Carolina. Which means the people of Columbia are going to have to take advantage of the new technology we are seeing in all these new “Go Green” cars? Cars like the Toyota Camry, Chevy Sonic, or Ford focus. This is important on both sides of the SEC playing field because we are all going to be driving these long distances and these days you can’t afford to just fill up every couple hours with the gas prices rising up above 3.50$/Gallon.

Now on to the final and