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MKT Project
Service: Microsoft Xbox 360

Team Members
Carl Stein Dakota Mark
Analysis of our product
Field Activity
Target Market: Families Teens also adults who like shooting and sport and family games.
Features and Attributes:
• Elegant design, clean lines and curves.
• Online multi-player
• High memory disk drive, means more games, music, videos.
• Bluetooth
• Internet Applications ( YouTube Netflix iHeart Radio )
• High definition entertainment
• PS Move add on

• Tv commercials
• On-line adds
• Magazines
• Print adds
• Tee shirts

Field Activity
• People who play gaming systems
• Hardware attachments Internet/Wi-Fi , DVD, Blu-Ray players
• T.V. , Internet , Magazines

Quantative Questions
1. What kind of gaming system do you currently own?
2. What type of games do you mostly play?
3. Would you be willing to purchase a new system if it came out?
4. How much time do you spend playing games daily?
5. Do you also play online as well?
6. Which do you like better online or offline games?
7. What features do you prefer when making a gaming purchase?

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