AMC Dine In Movie Theater

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Andrew Stilp
Professor Diggins

AMC Dine-In Movie Theater The AMC Dine-In Movie Theater has brought attention in many eyes. Like most movie theaters prices range from 12-15 dollars. Unlike other movie theaters, go on your phone, reserve your seats, and then pay with a credit card through their app. Purchasing tickets couldn’t be any easier, and for those who don’t have smart phones it can either be done online in advance, or simply buying the ticket when you get there. It comes to surprise with having nice leather electric retractable chairs for consumers to relax on while watching the movie. Along with being seated comfortably, actually having your own personal space for once in a movie theater where you can put both arms on the arm rest. The chairs are so comfortable and lean back so far that it almost makes you want to fall asleep. Overall, the experience is much more comfortable than a standard movie theater. I think it feels like watching a brand new movie on your own little couch once we raise the arm rests and get comfy and that’s before you even order food! Most people seem to go out for a nice dinner some place and catch a movie late night. For those who have not been to the AMC Dine-In Movie Theater, I know what you’re thinking. This food must be suspect and impossible to have an appealing eye. The truth is, the quality food is actually better than most chain restaurants. The AMC Dine-In Movie Theater has just moved in down the street of 202. With prices ranging from 9-15 dollars per entrée, it’s easy to say this luxury movie theater is more for upscale type of people. Along with providing a food service the AMC Dine-In