MKT 452 Exam 1 Essay

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Exam 1 – Chapters 1-4
Due: Saturday, Feb 14 at 5pm

Section 1 - Multiple-Choice – 14 questions, each worth 1 point – circle the correct answer

1. Sports marketing is defined as _____.

a. the specific application of marketing principles and processes to sports products and to the marketing of nonsports products through the association with sport b. the exchange process applied to sports products c. the selling of athletics, sports entities, and sponsorship to consumers of sport d. the set of elements that sports organizations use to meet their marketing objectives and to satisfy consumer needs e. none of the above

2. Which of the following best illustrates sports marketing?

a. St. Louis Cardinals developing a Mark McGwire coin for a game-day promotion b. The USTA designing a plan to increase tennis participation c. sponsoring a professional golf tour d. A school’s athletic department promoting Drug Awareness Week e. All of the above illustrate sports marketing. 3. A marketing orientation is described as _____.

a. understanding the consumer’s needs while achieving the organization’s objectives b. the coordinated set of elements that sports organizations use to meet their marketing objectives and satisfy consumer needs c. a sports organization that will do anything to satisfy its consumers d. sharing the information gathered to make market decisions e. all of the above

4. The simplified model of the consumer–supplier relationship attempts to _____.

a. detail every complex marketing exchange in the sports industry b. provide a structure for the complexities of the sports industry c. examine sports products and the consumers who purchase these products d. gather information for sports marketing decisions e. disseminate information for sports marketing decisions

5. According to the text, the exchange process is central to any successful marketing strategy. For this process to occur, which of the following conditions must be satisfied?

a. There must be at least two parties. b. Each party must have something of value to offer the other. c. Each party must be free to accept or decline the offer. d. Each party must believe it is desirable to deal with others. e. all of the above

6. In attempting to express its changing role in a dynamic business environment, a team may state that it provides an experience that is entertainment based. This simple phrase is, in effect, a(n) _____.

a. organization statement b. mission statement c. business objective d. vision statement e. external contingency

7. Direct competition for a Reds baseball game includes _____.

a. a high school baseball game b. the Kings Island Amusement Park c. a Bengals football game d. a University of Cincinnati basketball game e. none of the above

8. Which of the following is NOT considered a part of the demographic environment?

a. size of population b. age c. shifts in ethnic groups d. social trends e. both b and d 9. A limited period of time during which the characteristics of a market and distinctive competencies of a firm fit together well and reduce the risks of seizing particular market opportunity is called _____.

a. a strategic window b. a SWOT c. external scanning d. environmental factors e. audit scanning

10. Which of the following does NOT fit into the sports marketing research process?

a. defining the problem
b. choosing the research design
c. identifying data collected
d. designing the sample
e. All of the above are part of the sports marketing research process. 11. Prior to beginning a formal research project, Bill is interviewing a few knowledgeable people to gain a better understanding of the nature of the problem his team faces