Company G: 3-Year Marketing Plan Task 318

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Company G

3-Year Marketing Plan

Assessment Code: Task 318.1.5-06-15

Student Name: Sandra Edwards

Student ID: 000175429

Date: 10/15/10

Mentor Name: Donna Pope

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Mission Statement 3
Market Objectives 3
Target Market 3
Product Objective 3
Price Objective 3
Place Objective 4
Promotion Objective 4
Competitive Situation Analysis 4
Consumer Product Classification 4
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model 4
SWOT Analysis 5
Strengths 5
Weaknesses 6
Opportunities 6
Threats 6
Marketing Strategies 6
Product Strategies 7
Price Strategies 7
Place Strategies 7
Promotion Strategies 7
Tactics and Action Plan 7
Product Action Plan 7
Price Action Plan 8
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Threat from Substitutes Company G is releasing a line of small appliances which currently does not exist in the market. However, substitute products could be purchased individually as they do today instead of in a single line.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis for Company G will analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that exist today for the company. With this analysis, areas that provide leverage can be indentified.

|STRENGTHS *indicates core competency |WEAKNESSES |
|Reliable product line* |Need new supplier for raw materials |
|Efficient production process* |Need new suppliers for components |
|Brand recognition |New unproven marketing manager |
|Become Low cost producer |Company Z entering market |
|Patent production process |Interest rates continue to