Mkt421 Marketing Mix Paper

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Marketing Mix Paper
Brian Morales
MKT 421
October 15, 2012
Kim Houseman

Marketing Mix Paper
Nowadays, for a company to be successful in the business world one must have a good marketing plan to be successful. One way to accomplish a successful business plan is to use something known as the marketing mix or the four P’s of marketing. These four P’s of marketing are known as the product, place, price, and promotion. If one uses these four P’s one will notice that each of these cover their own part in marketing, which will help make a successful marketing plan. In this paper one will see what each of these four P’s are in marketing. Also one will see how each of these four P’s is used in the marketing plan for Dutch Bros Coffee.
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The seven states that one will be able to find a Dutch Bros Coffee shop is in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington (Dutch Bros Coffee, 2012). In each of these seven states combined one will be able to find more than 175 stores total (Dutch Bros Coffee, 2012). In most of these states the stores are within a close distance of the other so that the customer has more choices of stores to choose from. Also so that one will be able to go to shops where one will be able get faster service because some of the business goes to the other stores.
The final P of the four P’s of marketing is the promotion. The promotion is known as the ideas that company uses to bring in business (Quick MBA, 2010). Also it is a way that companies communicate to selling and potential customers of the product sold (Quick MBA, 2010). This particular P is very important in bringing in business because some individuals are drawn to companies with good promotion. Dutch Bros is a company smaller than the likes of Starbucks but their ideas of promotion bring in new customers and make the customers keep coming back. One thing that Dutch Bros is known for is the punch card that the stores give to customers who come to get coffee. This punch card states that for each drink one buys one gets a punch on one’s card. After 10 punches the eleventh punch is a free drink for the customer. This idea is something that draws