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The Basics of Marketing
MKTG 225-1303B #02 P1 DB2
Dr. Shalonda Warren
Aida Luz Matta

I. Write your own definition of marketing.
My definition of marketing is getting a product that your cliental likes and it’s customized to their needs and moves forward with it. I have been in the marketing business for the past 8 years and in the field I am in which is Advertising it can be a challenge at times but in a good way. We are surrounded by marketing all day long from stores, restaurants, social media, TV, and companies even when we apply for jobs we must market ourselves as well. Marketing is necessary in order for a business to succeed in the product or service they market. For any business to be successful they must market themselves to the consumer.
Marketing can go either way there is positive marketing when the consumer likes our products and services so they spread the word to others looking for the same product or services, and there is negative marketing when there is an unsatisfied consumer of the product or services rendered and that could really hurt a business, the trickle affect can go a long ways from friends to family and any consumer looking at the same products or services.

II. Research and cite a definition of marketing from a reliable source.
The research I’ve done on this topic is on a site called Heidi Cohen’ 72 Definitions of Marketing, but I promise to only use one of the definitions. Marketing is a way to communicate what products and services you have to offer with consumers who want and need the said products and services. It is very versatile, starting with looking up your target market and the best way to deliver the pitch to coming up with a plan to put your promotion in place through various marketing media. The goal is to come up with a strategy to create, price accordingly and distribute your products and services for an exchange that will satisfy both you and your consumers’ needs. It is an ever changing process – always evaluating that your message still meets the needs and wants of your market. Trish Green – Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing, Student Funding Group, LLC (72 Definitions of Marketing Heidi Cohen 2011)

III. From a personal perspective, what is one way that you market yourself? Provide an example.
When I first started in marketing I marketed myself by letting my employer know the years I have been in the advertising industry and how I handle certain situations, how I can best provide a product or service for the company; for example I have over 30 years of experience in printing advertisement, and I am the only one that currently does this type of work in my department which is a good market for myself, but overwhelming sometimes. I wouldn’t be happier doing anything else. Whenever I try a new place or thing I try to let my friends know about it and tell them what my experience with it was. Another example, I love Sushi some people are funny about eating out of their comfort zone meaning a place they go to all the time, but I recommended a place my son introduced to me 3 years ago and I haven’t heard of any disappointments yet.

IV. Is your definition of marketing yourself different from what than the textbook definition of marketing a product? Why or why not? What are a few of the differences or similarities?
I don’t think my definition is any different