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Numaya Nugawela #300744404
Professor: John
Date: 28.06.2015
Topic: Marketing in the age of google by V.Fox

This book, unlike other writers does not talk highly about google. The author talks both inside and outside about google. In my opinion the book is too high tech. Most of the terms I didn’t understand, it would be much understandable for a person who is more tech savvy.
The more visitors click on your page he more sales you will achieve. They are all related on how many links your website has and how much information does your website have. Vanessa makes a case that marketers try to advertise themselves offline rather than online. That is, if the visitor wants to find the person or thing online it would be vey difficult since online marketing doesn’t exist. Business should start marketing online because that’s what consumers thrive these days and marketing all depends on what the consumer wants and satisfying their needs. She also points out that organic search should be original, relevant and informative, only then you get more visits, consumers feel they can trust your information, you establish a good position in the market and increase your sales. Fox also notes that social media will immensely for your marketing strategies ( presence optimization).
I really love her writing style, to the point and very engaging. She doesn’t try to be too nerdy when she tries to explain the purpose of organic engine marketing. Her writing has a very nice