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Jordan Snodgrass
Mrs. Daniel
English II 8th
24 Oct 2014 The Downside of Athletes

Being a pro-athlete is all fun and games until someone messes up. Pros aren’t perfect, they make mistakes just like everyone else. Everyone is judged by their actions, when they should be judged by their action after the mistake they make. Since being a pro takes hard work, an athlete should not have to worry about their actions off court, rather worry about what they do on the court. Now it’s understandable how one would say, “but little kids need role models”, this is true but there is another side to that plain statement. On the controversy, athletes work hard to earn their place as a pro. So one off court action shouldn’t affect someone’s attitude against them. An athlete knows how hard it takes to be an athlete and manage his/her health, so they shouldn’t have to worry about being looked at differently for an off court action. Knowing illegal activates shouldn’t be overlooked just because one is an athlete. It’s clear that athletes are judged for what they do off the field, but this doesn’t mean that athletes are treated differently. They are put through the same court system. Athletes are looked upon what they do on the court, for example, what would you think about if Michael Jordan had killed someone? Would he still be looked on as the best basketball player today? Also normal people are faced with the same peer pressure to do something it’s just athletes don’t think about their fans opinion whenever they are doing something.