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MLA Formatting Tips
Note that these are basic guidelines. You can find more specific information in our handbook.
Format for a book.
Last name, first name of author. Book Title. City of Publication: Short version of publisher’s name, Year of publication. Medium of publication.
Brown, Lester R. Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth. New York: Norton, 2001. Print.
Format for an item in a collection (like an essay in an anthology)
Last name, first name. "Title of Essay." Title of Collection. Ed. Editor's Name(s). Place of Publication: Publisher, Year. Page range of entry. Medium of Publication.
Swanson, Gunnar. "Graphic Design Education as a Liberal Art: Design and Knowledge in the University and the 'Real World.'" The Education of a Graphic Designer. Ed. Steven Heller. New York: Allworth, 1998. 13-24. Print.
Format for an Article in a Scholarly Journal
Last name, first name of author. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal Volume. Issue (Year of publication): page range. Medium of publication.
Grange, John, et al. (Note that the use of “et al” indicates more than three authors.) "Tuberculosis in association with HIV/AIDS emerges as a major nonobstetric cause of maternal mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa." International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 108.3 (2010): 181-183. Print.
Format for Online Materials
A Web Document
Author’s name (if available.) “Article Title.” Website Title. Sponsoring organization (may be the same as the website title). Posting date. (If none is listed, write “n.d.”) Medium of publication. Date of access. .
Some instructors may ask for the URL (and I do, to facilitate finding the document), but the MLA does not require it.
Ranganathan, Janet. “Promoting Development, Protecting Environment.” World Resources Institute. World Resources Institute. 17 Feb. 2010. Web. 22 Feb. 2010. .
Document from a subscription database. This is what you will do with materials