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MLA Worksheet
Works-Cited Page
Part One: Works-Cited Page Entries
Create entries for an MLA Works-Cited page using the following sources.
1. A book by Robert Akins called Greeks and Romans. It was published by Random House in Philadelphia in 1987.

2. A book by Henry Goldman and Elizabeth Howard called Ancient Civilizations. It was published in Philadelphia by Gold House in 1989.

3. An article called “Writing Utensils” in the 5th edition (published in 1985) of the Encyclopedia of the Mediterranean.

4. An Internet article by Joan Ingram called “The Secrets of the Greeks.” No publishing date is provided, but it was viewed on 2/2/04 and the URL is

5. A telephone interview with Kevin Dubrow on 8/12/04.

6. A documentary called The Beauty of Greek Architecture. Directed by Alexander Morrow and produced/distributed by Westing Forge in 2001.

7. An article/chapter by Joshua Smith, Ph. D. called “Those Insufferable Greeks” on page 201-247 of the book/collection called Infamous World Empires. The collection was edited by James Wygonik and published by Colonial Press of Denver in 1983.

8. The definition of “Epic Hero” taken from the American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd edition, 1999.

9. A newspaper article by John Xavier called “The Amazing Greek Islands.” The article was published in the Washington Post on 9/2/05 and started on page D1.

10. An article on pages 24-31 of the magazine 20th Century Travel by Karen Pankratz called “Destination: Athens.” It was published on March 3rd, 2002.

11. An Internet article with no author called “Famous Greek Battles.” It was published on June 14, 1999, viewed on January 12, 2004, and the URL is

12. A personal interview with Greg Shepherd about Greek History on July 17, 2005.

13. An Encarta CD-ROM article called “The Persian