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Instant Replays in MLB In the early 1900’s the MLB was created by William A. Hulbert, with a few simple rules which included having one umpire to call balls and strikes and a few others to determine outs and rather or not the ball is hit foul or fair. For many years these rules have had little to no change because it was working perfectly fine as it was. In 2008 there was talk of the instant replay being added to the game of baseball. But they never acted upon it because so many fans were against it. This was until the 2013 off season. The baseball commissioner announced that they will be adding the instant replay to baseball to review the following plays. Now for many years the MLB went without the instant replay and had no problems, it was actually one of the last professional sports to implement the instant replay. Sure umpires made some bad calls but some may argue that missing some calls was just part of the game, that’s what made it so suspenseful. Joe Posnanski a writer for the MLB beliefs that the instant replay is causing legitimacy issues with the fans. He believes this because putting in the instant replay just shows that the umpires clearly don’t always make the right call but knowing that it can cause some fans to question many other issues they have with the sport which can ruin the game entirely. Sometimes a call from an umpire can be crucial and even change the final outcome of the game, regardless if the call was the right one or not. Here’s an example, this video shows a play that ruins a pitchers perfect game. And for those who don’t know what that means, it is when a pitcher pitches the entire game without giving up any hits or any walks. Okay so if the instant replay was in the league at that time then clearly the player would have been called out. But at the same time if that play were to have been reviewed then it would have caused major problems with the fans and also