Mlk Vs Sydney Carton Essay

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Dickens devotes Sydney Carton to risk his life to create a societal reaction and for his love and passion for Lucie. Another person who made this type of devotion for the greater good of society and lives of others is Martin Luther King Jr (MLK). In similar ways, MLK devoted a large portion of his life pushing for equal rights, making a speech marked down in the history books, inspiring others to join his cause, and eventually being killed for his rise in societal recognition. Both Sydney Carton and MLK made sacrifices and devoted their lives just to change the lives around them. Martin Luther King Jr. is mostly known for his I Have A Dream speech for equal rights in the United States for all people. Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, he was an inspiring civil rights activist and also a prime minister. He was married to a black women, Coretta Scott, and also had four children. He organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott after Rosa Parks, a black woman, was arrested for not moving from her seat on a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama. He was constantly threatened by those who were pro-segregation on his marches or boycotts and even when he was at home. Later, on April 4th, 1968, MLK was assassinated by an escaped convict. President Ronald Reagan signed a bill …show more content…
The message that sacrifice can bring a large change to other’s lives is also shown from both MLK and Sydney Carton. In Sydney Carton’s case, he sacrifices his life for Lucie’s happiness, changing his lifestyle, which is death and also Lucie’s by allowing her to live on with Charles Darnay. In Martin’s case, his sacrifice for civil rights changed the lives of african americans and desegregation of them. Both of them sacrificed for the greater good and not necessarily for their reputation, but for the sake of the ones they’re passionate