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EC Car is the first very brand which purely focusing on electrical cars with new trends and features in the Automobile industry. EC car is the new company launching its product in to market. It is a start-up company which need to be known in the market. This marketing plan has been designed to help EC car to gain its market share, brand awareness, brand loyalty and profits. This plan has been divided in three main parts with detailed data and analysis which will help company to understand to target right customer with right product at right place. This plan will evaluate the current marketing position, customer’s segmentation and targeting, brand positioning, promotional and pricing strategies based on market research.

Marketing Environment Audit
According to PH. Kotler “marketing audit is the comprehensive, systemic, independent and periodic examination of the environment, objectives, strategies and activities of the company which aim to identify the problem areas, opportunities and recommendations for further action to streamline the market company”. According to Kotler companies recognize the market environment creates new threats and opportunities. They also understand the importance of changing trends of market environment and they adopt it. They It is a general analysis of marketing environment, strategies, activities and objectives with a view to identify the key strategic issues, problem areas and opportunity. Marketing audit evaluate the company’s performance in terms of market share and profitability. It also gives an idea how well company is performing on its current strategies and well it will perform in future. (Karen Beamish, Ruth Ashford, 2006)
Marketing audit seeks for Macro environment and micro environment audit.
Macro Environment Audit
Companies are always aware about external influences when they start making a new product or entering in market. Macro environment (external) is non controllable which might your product or business by different dimension. Companies always carry out pestle and swot analysis to identify the key issues which might somehow affect your product. Below we are going to discuss possible external environment of eco car
A research was carried out by GOV.UK and according to their fact and figures, only five percent people wanted to buy eco car, 54 percent haven’t thought about buying a new car and 14 percent thought to buy a car but didn’t buy it yet. Above figures clearly proves that majority of the people are not aware about the eco car benefits or loss or the proper strategic marketing tactics has not been used to make awareness about eco cars. However, government is taking initiatives to give people leverage to get people’s interest about using eco car instead fossil fuel car like
Vehicle excise duty (road tax) has been exempt on all electrical vehicles.
To attract companies to use eco car, govt has lifted company tax on the cars until 2015.
100 percent congestion charges exempt on all eco vehicles in London.
Eco car cost less to park on paid parking some where it is free for Eco park to park in paid parking especially some places in Camden.
Government has placed charging points in several areas and some of them are free of cost to attract more people to use electric car.
Government is giving grant of 25 percent on electric car up to 5000 pounds and 20 percent on electric van up to 8000 pounds. (Gov.Uk, 2014)
Government is investing money to bring the cost of the car down to cut co2 emission down to zero. (Phil Hammond, telegraph 2010)
Government is trying to get more and more people to use eco car because it is less harm to society and environment friendly.
Economical Factor:
Automobile consumers are always wondering about fluctuation of patrol prices. Instability of patrol prices may le the consumers think to have an electric car cost less cost than gasoline and fossil oil cars. Government economic policies are encouraging towards electric car