Mnemonic Techniques In Literature

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This study aims to investigate if students in high school can improve their vocabulary knowledge in English studies with the help of mnemonic techniques. In the cause of this study, the students are taught different technique to learn new English vocabulary.
Atkinson (1975) introduced the Mnemonic Technique or Keyword Method to vocabulary teaching that proposed the keyword method as a supplementary technique for foreign language vocabulary study and reported that it is superior to rote rehearsal technique for vocabulary and strongly claims that this method is highly useful for both foreign and native language learning.
In Iran English is a foreign language. The majority of learners have learned English since middle school (sixth grade). They
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One of the strategies which is used to encode vocabulary in long term memory effectively is mnemonic strategies. Mnemonic strategies are systematic procedures for enhancing memory. Their particular use is in developing better ways to take in information so that it will be much easier to remember ( Mastropieri & Scruggs , 1998).Mnemonics help learners to minimize the load on working memory in order not to lose what they learn previously.
Therefore, learners should use effective vocabulary strategies to develop their vocabulary knowledge that facilitate English language learning and help them to be successful learners. The study of Thu (2009) in Taiwan was conducted to examine language learning strategies employed by successful learners of English as a foreign and as a second language. It is found that strategies for vocabulary learning outnumbered those for other language skills and areas investigated.

There are several strategies for vocabulary teaching and learning.
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Bakhtiari is an Iranian dialect spoken by over a million people in the central section of Iran’s Zagros Mountains and on the adjacent edges of the Mesopotamian plain to the southwest (Anonby, 2012). There are many theories and viewpoints for root and origin of Bakhtiari dialect. Some believe Bakhtiari dialect is in reality Iranian dialect with many Pahlavi's words were eliminated from it, and many Arabic, Turki, Kurdi found its way to it (Arbabisarjou, 2007). Afshoon (2014) states that etymologically, some scholars believe that the dialect used by the Bakhtiaris originates from ancient Persian, and from Pahlavi language according to