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I just have to start off by saying I do think that mountain lions are in NY, The biggest reason I think this is my grandparents who live in Savona NY had shown me tracks up on their hill. Unfortunately I never was able to see the actual mountain lion myself but that’s most likely because I was not allowed to go up there even though it was only a few hundred feet from the house until a more recent date. The sole reason I do not believe it was a miss identification is that they both are from the southwest of NY and have seen them before. Like I said on the paper though eyewitness reports will only get you so far which is why I completely understand why there are those who believe they are not in NY anymore. Without and photos of the print or the actual cat itself there is no way to prove it was in fact there. It is easy for me to say I trust what my grandparents saw and what I was shown but it was at a younger age and I can no longer recall exactly what the print looked like, therefor I cannot say 100% without a doubt there are mountain lions in NY state, it is just what I believe. Even though I think they are in NY I do not believe it is a huge number which could be a reason there has been no documented sightings. Also a mountain lion tends to live in the mountains which is generally covered by trees making it almost impossible to see it from an aerial view. The only way to document one would be to go hiking or camping in the mountains of NY make sure you have a camera,