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There are several things that stress me. For example, my job, not having a car to drive, and the baby I have on the way. My job is stressful to me because I have a lot of work to do and everyone depends on me alone. All of my coworkers don’t work as hard as me so I end up doing most of the work. Not having a car is stressful to me because I have to walk everywhere and it’s hard sometimes when it’s too hot or I’m tired. My unborn baby is stressful to me because I have to provide for it and I’m worried that I won’t be making enough money to buy everything that it needs. These stresses make me feel worried, depressed, and sometimes anxious. I deal with these situations in different ways. I’m dealing with my job stressor by trying to get a better one after getting my diploma. I deal with not having a car by asking my family to drive me places that are too far away or on days where I don’t feel like walking. I deal with the baby by reading baby books to be better prepared and saving up money now for stuff later on that I’ll need. I do not react the same way to each stressor because they are all different situations. My methods of coping are playing videos games to relax for a while, trying to get a better job, asking for help with rides and stuff, and preparing for the baby ahead of time. These methods of coping are effective because they help me ease my mind and they make it easier to take things one day at a time. Getting a better job will also help me with my other