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Yifan Zhu
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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising overview: At the third quarter of the year 2011, China's mobile phone users are nearly 8.5 billion, mobile Internet users surpass the Internet PC users at the same time . Application value of mobile phones as a new media has become more apparent. Mobile media has incomparable advantages to other media, such as covering most of the crowd, spread was relatively inexpensive, you can most easily use people's spare time and can be extremely fast access to information. Especially the 3G era , Apple iPhone Smartphone and mobile terminals ipad rage , a variety of intelligent applications and multimedia will also be in the form of full body on phones, which undoubtedly is to give mobile advertisers and advertisers more room for play. Smart 3G cell phones become more available, mobile media will become an important means of access to information in the daily life of ordinary people . Mobile Media , specifically mobile terminals will become the next advertising media and the Holy Land, bluntly said , will be an era of mobile Internet. Analysis of the mobile advertising market:
With the development of mobile communication technology in China,3G service model of continuous uncertain and 3G hardware to build a complete mobile derived from service mode enter new phase of explosion. With known " fifth media " phone - exactly defined as : mobile terminals," mobile advertising " term increased exposure. According to the United States market research company Vision gain market report said, 3 years later, the United States and European mobile ad market will reach 10 billion us dollars. 06 in early China , India mobile operators have tried such as interactive marketing, started a pilot cell phone advertising business. Today's 2014 year , basic formation in the handset market , according to conservative estimates , 2015 annual China mobile ad market will reach 15 billion dollars , catching up with Europe and the United States.1

Here are mobile advertising advantages:2 1. the huge audience
As 2011 years 9 months, mobile phone users in China 8.5 billion mobile Internet users nearly 3.2 million ; Plus, China has the largest population in the world , China Mobile phone saturation in 10 million and above . Mobile Internet user saturation with mobile phone ownership in the same. Take this, see Mobile Internet access - specifically, mobile Internet access , over the next 5 years will see strong potential for growth. 2. directional, precise, targeted and efficient
Audience and only 24 -hour media platform for intimate contact. Phone off at the moment, information privacy is not shared at the right time, right place , appropriate valuable advertisement information to the right people. Each mobile advertising audience, can be locked by a clear and accurate.
Now LBS location based mobile services , has been issued for size , Street , peas clip , the o-NET, and so on , all of the existing.

Mobile advertising business models3:
From operational mode, the current mobile advertising as a whole is divided into three main categories:
One is an advertisement published by carriers, Enterprise channel to its carriers to purchase advertising, such as China Mobile's " Enterprise ICT " business, fall into this category.
Second type is SP 's interactive platform to publish, the General mode of operation is by putting advertising enterprise and SP carriers with approval, and upon approval, advertising by SP in its interactive platform release, operators will be subject to monitoring.
Third type : built-in apps , 2011 an angry birds game turned in early , its installed capacity reached sufficient size , take in application of such considerable size insert advertising , attracting advertisers of all ages.
2011 year 4 months percent worked first to play lenses Mobile Alliance , as well as small and medium sized clients with many mobile media