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Mobile Application
Michael Estrada
December-22, 2014

The mobile application I am going to talk about is OfferUp. OfferUp is an app that allows the user or rather users to upload pictures; details of the image of an item they wish to sell along with contact information and asking price. Sometimes their location if they want to put that kind of information on their profile or a particular item. This application allows users an easy way to a sell and negotiate prices with others at their leisure. How a users might use this is they will open the app and take a photo of the item they wish to put up for sale and then they would give a slight description of the item and depending on the item they would describe if its new or old, how miles or how often they maintenance the item.

The biggest thing that this application has brought to its users is a free and efficient way to communicate with potential customers near and far. Also allowing them to communicate offers and locations to meets to break a deal. This app allows sellers to sell their products without going through any third parties only seller customer interactions and since this app is mainly a local app letting you sell your items within in a certain distance from your location it is a convenient and efficient way to sell your unwanted items.

Some future uses could be a wider spread of what sellers put up for sale and maybe some bigger companies could use it as a marketing thing get some of their items on there and sell because this application is becoming bigger and bigger and they might want to take advantage of that. Some enhancements could be