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Mobile Application
I have chosen to discuss the Xerox Mobile Print Portal. As we have been reading this week, mobile technology is changing the way we work. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are now the fastest growing segment in the computing market ("Xerox Mobile Print", n.d.). However, printing from these devices has not kept pace and until recently has been difficult to manage. As organizations deploy devices, such as Smartphones and Tablets they must provide printing solutions for these devices. Organizations are looking for simple solutions that will not over burden the IT Staff with maintaining different applications for individual device model.
A mobile device without the ability to print from your applications does not make mobile users so mobile. The Print Portal is designed to increase end-user productivity while users are on the go supporting the business. The app allows users to print from any mobile device to any printer in their organizations print environment. The Mobile Print Solution also has the ability to print to guest printers outside the organization through Mobile Hot Spots. The organization must enable this option for end-users. As the mobile generation grows, you are seeing printers in places like coffee shops and airports for use by the mobile user. These businesses are creating a valued customer experience by providing these services. The Portal prints all popular document formats such as Microsoft Office Suite and PDF as well as most common image files without losing formatting. One of the many nice features the mobile print solution offers is the ability to print to any printer or mfd regardless of printer manufacturer. The solution is simple to use and IT to support because there are no unique print driver requirements needed for the mobile device.
The Mobile Solution has high security standards in place to ensure the safety of your information. To use the Print Portal you must register with your email and company code. Upon completion of your registration you will receive an email providing you with a personal confirmation number. Your confirmation number along with your company email address is your authentication to print. If at any time you believe your confirmation number has been compromised, you can change it by opening the original email sent with your pin number and click on change confirmation number. It will automatically launch and email to the system, which in-turn will return a new confirmation/pin number for use. You can change your confirmation/pin number as many times and as often as you want. Mobile Print supports white-list and black-list user list capability and HTTPs protocol.
The following describes how to print using the print portal and its print features.
1. When viewing a document on your mobile device open it with the Print Portal. This will allow you to choose a printer. You can choose to upload the document for printing later at the device.
2. Forward an email with attachments to the Xerox Mobile Print Server receiving email address supplied in the app under general information. The email and attachments are available in the Documents list of the Print Portal where you can print to your printer of choice.
The printer features you can choose will depend on the printer you are printing to. Most printers will allow number of copies, one or two sided, staples or color.
There are three ways to obtain printers in your environment
1. Pinpoint print via printer location by “near me” capabilities. This will also list all public printers if this option is enabled.
2. Find the printer via a keyword (printer name).
3. Add printer by scanning its QR code
The end-user can make a list of his/her favorite company printer and public printers. They can also choose a default printer that can be changed at any time.
The changes brought to the end-user by this product are obvious, printing on the go. Actually, this part of the