Essay on Mobile Computing

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Theresa Mcfaddin
INF 103
Prof Eric Wright
April 22, 2013

Mobile computing is a very strong and exceptionally good thing in today’s technological society. There are more people that have one or more of these devices, which are used for mobile computing, than there were in the last ten years.

These days there are more than a few devices that are used to enhance our living situations. We enjoy the TV, radio, and also the computer. The computer is a very important function in some of our lives because it has the means to do all three. There are so many different types of devices we use that function just like a computer. One of these devices is the smart phones. A smart phone is becoming a very essential tool in some people’s lives because they are small enough to fit in your pocket. The smart phone is probably the most popular because of their size and the ability to let the user get on the internet, make phone calls, download files, movies and music all on one device. Smart phones don’t require you to be connected to wifi because now days the phone comes with its own data plan that lets you get on the internet without this. A person can still use the wifi connection if they choose to it helps with certain downloads and file requirements. The laptop was introduced in the 1980s, and was not as powerful as they are today (Bowles, 2010). A laptop is just a smaller version of the desktop with smaller screen and mobility access that you don’t have with the desktop (Miller, 2007). The laptop is slowly replacing the desktop because it can be carried anywhere and can run just as fast. The only down fall that comes with a laptop is that it doesn’t always offer the same features that come on the desktop and users sometimes have to purchase additional programs.
The netbook is smaller than a laptop, thus making it easier to carry around (Bowles, 2010). Netbooks have a smaller screen that a laptop can connect to the internet faster because it doesn’t have all of the programs that the laptop has. Net books can connect to the internet through wifi connection but most of them connect through a cell phone data plan. They can let you check emails, watch movies and surf the web just like the laptop. These devices are used by some many people for so many different reasons.
The world today is filled with people that use these devices for their mobile computing needs. These can be businesses, children, parents, and government agencies that use these different devices. Businesses have to use these devices to stay on top of technology in the world today. A business may find that it is by having the employees on a mobile device they can work more dynamically from any location. Organizations have the chance to become more competitive and boost customer satisfaction (Tabbitt, 2013). This can give productivity a boost and may allow more of their employees to work from home.
Parents and children can greatly benefit from the mobile computing of today. The parents that are able to work from home have more time to spend with their children. The parents that have to go to work can now work and still check up on the children. The phones that they use today have apps that allow you to track the GPS of another phone in your network. There are apps that can be used with security cameras that you can check on your phone if the child is being taken care of by a babysitter. There is also the ease of more parents getting the children phones so that they can call or text when they need something. Even with all this technology there are still people that can’t be trusted with you children and that is why the government can uses mobile computing too.
The police are one of the government agencies that use mobile computing to keep us safe. The police can locate a criminal through GPS much like a parent does a child. They have the resources to run a license plate check on the vehicles that we drive while still moving. The can tell how fast you are going with