Mobile Marketring And Related Development

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Chapter 16: mobile marketring and related developments

Consumer adoption of technology innovations:
The consumer adoption (pic)
Two important stages follow trial.
First, the consumer must decide to purchase/continue purchasing the product, which can be behaviorally identified as adoption.
The internationalization stage is particularly important in the case of technology.
Products or services with a high component of technology often require that consumers undergo a substantial learning process in order to be used successfully.

The chasm: technologies may have initial success among the innovators and early adopters, but it is their ability to “cross the chasm” and penetrate the mainstream market that separates the successful from the unsuccessful technology products.
The third concept describes product characteristics that affect the ease of generating trial, and adoption.:
1. Relative advantage: the degree to which product benefits are perceived to be superior to those of existing products
2. Companility: the degree of consistency between the new product and consumer’s perceptions of
3. Complexity
4. Tialability/ divisibility: the extent to which the new product can be tried on a limited or modular basis
5. Observability/ communicability: the degree to which the new product’s benefits are evident to or can be communicated to the prospective customer.

Innovating in the Internet age is different in three important ways:
1. innovation occurs with greater rapidity across product types and national boundaties.
2. It requires collaboration across scientific and technical disciplimnes.
3. The traditional concept of intellectual property is being questioned. It needs to evolve from being a possession that is boarded to being a productive asset that is invested or even shared to encourage further progress.

Pervasive Computing:
Aims to enable people to accomplish an increasing number of personal and professional transactions using a new class of intelligent and protable devices.
It gives people convenient access to relevant information stored on powerful networks, allowing them to easily take action anywhere, anytime.
These new intelligent appliances or “smart devices” are embedded (ghi vào) with microprocessors that allow users to plug into intelligent networks and gain direct, simple, and secure access to both relevant information and services. These devices are as simple to use as calculators, telephone or kitchen toasters.
6 dimensions 6A’s: Access, Anyone, anytime, anywhere, any Internet enabled device, authorized.

Strategic Drivers of Mobile Marketing:
Download speeds do not equal those of desktop computers.
Content must be viewed on small screens. The extent to which mobile users will accept advertising in return for free content is as yet unclear.
Take into account the strategic drivers of mobile marketing. They are:
Context: this menas providing necessary information when and where the customer needs or