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E- Commerce technology
The recent Technology evolution in telecommunication and wireless in sector as emerges a new payment system, that believed to solve the problems and shortcoming of the traditional or conventional payment systems such as visa card , paypal debit card credit card and master card etc. where it is seeing to be present at anytime , anywhere and easy to carry out transaction at anytime from anywhere such as money transfer, buying of goods and paying for services etc. this new innovative payment system is known as mobile payment or mobile money, where it involves wireless devices such as personal digital assistant (PDA), mobile phone, and other related digital devices. Payment or transaction that initiated by the use of mobile phone or mobile device. These include online banking website, online payment website, web browser or sending text messages.

According to Kou y. (2006) Mobile payment is defined as paying for goods or services with mobile device such as mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) , or other such devices.
Dahlberg T.(2008) define mobile payment as means that users adopt mobile terminals such as mobile phones to conduct payment for bills, goods and services.
Vahid R. and Jafar H. (2008) define mobile payment is kind of payment in which at least one part of the transaction is performed via a mobile device ( such as mobile phone or a personal digital assistant) through a mobile Telecommunication network or a wireless technology.
Pavan S. (2010) states that mobile payment is a point – of – sale payment through a mobile device.
Yan L. et al (2011) says mobile payment is one kind of service which allows users to use its mobile terminal (usually mobile phone) to pay for their goods or services consumption.
Basudeo S. et al (2010) also stated that mobile payment is a point –of – sale payment made through a mobile device, such as a cellular telephone, a smartphone or a personal digital assistant (PDA). The mobile helps in the exchange of information required for actual transfer of money.

In my own view mobile payment can be define as the process of any transaction being carried out with mobile devices these can include buying of goods, payment for services and any related wireless transactions.
The mobile payment environment constituents the financial institutions, consumers, retailers and different mobile payment service providers, these financial institutions authorized the transaction flow and security.

The deployment process of mobile payment involves various stakeholders, these stakeholders includes
i. Consumers ii. Merchants iii. Mobile Network Operators iv. Mobile device manufactures
v. Financial institutions and banks vi. Software and technology providers vii. Government
‘’Each player has different incentives and strategies. Sometimes these interests and strategies between different players may be in conflict e.g., the telecommunications network provider would like to maximize revenues through each m-payment transaction whereas customers and merchants would like to minimize costs for each m-payment transaction. A mobile payment or m-payment may be defined as any payment where a mobile device is used to initiate, authorize and confirm an exchange of financial value in return for goods and services [5]. Mobile devices may include mobile phones, PDAs, wireless tablets and any other device that connect to mobile telecommunication network and make it possible for payments to be made [6]. According to a study conducted by Juniper Research, the Global mobile commerce revenues are expected to grow up to 88 billion USD by 2009 [7]. Moreover, the popularity of mobile commerce applications provide new opportunities for mobile users, application developers, service providers, network providers, financial institutions and researchers and make it more profitable and