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Mobile Transactions and Payment Processing

Ashok Goudar Senior Enterprise Architect

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Introduction Mobile Commerce – Business Context Mobile Commerce Strategy Mobile Channel Strategy Mobile Marketing Mobile Sales Mobile Service Mobile Payment Mobile Wallets Mobile Commerce Transaction Mobile Banking and Mobile Money Mobile Commerce Transformation Roadmap Mobile Commerce – Payment Business Scenarios Card based Mobile User to Business – Payments (CM2B) Mobile – Wallet – User to Business – Payments (M2B) Mobile – Wallet Mobile Users to Mobile User – Payments (M2M) – Remittance Services Mobile – Wallet CrossBorderM2M Mobile – Wallet Cross Border M2Account. Mobile Commerce – Payment Processing Models Card based
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A typical mobile commerce ecosystem, in addition to end-customers, comprises of multiple participants including business organizations, retailers, telecom network service providers, mobile transaction processing service providers, payment gateway service providers, acquirers, intermediaries, issuer banks, and a variety of settlement service providers. In a mobile commerce business model, end users will be able to buy the products and services from the merchants (or business organizations) and make payments for services and products through their mobile devices. The services and products are either directly delivered to the customers through their mobile devices (if they are content based services) or else shipped to their addresses through shipment and fulfilment processes. As part of the mobile commerce model, users will be able make the payment in a variety of ways over the mobile channels, either using their credit/debit cards or through cardless

Figure 1: Mobile Commerce Transaction Processing Context

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(contactless) payment mechanisms through their mobile wallet accounts. The mobile commerce services (products and saleable services) are presented to