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MIS 555
Firefox OS ‘too late’ to shake up mobile
This article discussed how Firefox, previewed its first OS systems in smart phones and has further announced commitments from 4 handset makers and is also backing from 18 mobile carriers. This article suggests Firefox maybe too late in the game of OS for cell phones. The article suggests that the Firefox OS systems phones will not beat out the big market players of Apple and Andriod. One smart phone manufactures in China will be coming out with its Firefox OS phone. The strategy seems to be for Firefox to capture the market in places where smart phones are not readily available and the cost seems to be a factor as to why people can’t afford them. The article also hinted that Firefox may be developing phones for the US market scheduled for release in 2014, but Mozilla didn’t reveal any details. The article pointed out that Firefox would probably be successful in areas where people want to receive and make calls. The Computerworld article gave one perspective and generally it seems as though the article was saying that the Firefox are coming into the OS marketplace is too late. Taking a look at another article to provide more insight specifically the USA Today article explained that the Firefox is a open software which could provide a competitive advantage over Apple and Andriod.


When I was reading this article I was thinking about the recent readings with respect to open source software, and the benefits of having open source software. One of the issues is that half the code is written volunteers, so will the volunteers be able to keep up with the demand and changes? Another aspect of these articles which relate to class are the timing of Firefox, did Firefox not stay ahead of technology? Staying ahead of technology and knowing the perfect time to introduce a product or new technology into a market is key in the tech space. One of the biggest benefits from Firefox open source software is that right now the key players in the smart phone economy are Apple’s operating system and Android. This would allow users to still get the benefits of app over the internet from what it seems like the USA Today that Mozilla may participate in cloud computing where any mobile website is written to