Mobile Phone and Sam Stablein English Essay

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Stablein 1
Sam Stablein
English 99
18 October 2012
Information, How Do De Get It? People change as they get older in almost every aspect of their life. People start becoming interested in other things that they probably were not interested in when they were a young child to college student. That is because as people grow up, new life situations call for more responsibilty. Older adults have families and need to pay closer attention to what is happening in their community and in polotics whereas younger adults are probably paying more attention to social aspects of their life. Knowing that every age group pays attention to different information that they think they need to know, it is interesting to see that they all use the same tools such as the internet and cell phones to find out what they need. For younger kids around the age of 12 to 16 internet gaming and entertainment is one of the biggest reasons they go on the internet for information. Many kids this age go online as a fun pasttime and watch funny youtube videos and go on kids websites that have news on the newest games and television shows. The reason that kids this age generally do not go on news websites is because they just are not mature enough to care. This is because they have parents who pay attention to that stuff for them and they do not feel the need to involve themselves in mature behavior just yet. When interviewing a 12 year old boy Brandon about his interests, he said that he mostly spends his time playing video games on his Nintendo DS and that he really needs to stay up to date with all the new updates and game cheats that he can download from the