Mobile Phone and Smart Devices Essay

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DEJUN XU Phillip
The article is mainly about the effects of smart devices to people in today’s society. According to the article, people seems to be more dependent to their smartphone or tablets. In other words, people could not “survive “without their smartphone. Therefore, the author of the article posts a question: do our devices own us.
Do our devices really own us now? Personally, I partly think so.
In today's age, people are way too dependent on smart devices. For example, the first thing I do in every morning is to check my own cell phone. I browse my Facebook, then my Instagram. Someone say that smart devices are only affecting the young people. However, I do not think that there is a relationship between being young and using smart device. When people start using a smartphone, they cannot stop from it. Take my mother as an example, she did not use smartphone since last year. However, after teaching her how to use it, she uses her phone every night.
However, using smart device is just a habit for us. This is just a trend. If no one is using smart device on this world, I don’t think that I will be using my iPhone. Smart devices do not own us; we chose to use them. We control our life.

Astounding: Astounding is an adjective that describes something bewildering, like the astounding sight of a dog walking on two legs.
One reason is that the marketplace embraced smartphones in an astounding way — as if our phones and their apps are a lock-and-key fit with our psyches.

Facilitate: To facilitate means to make something easier. If your best friend is very shy, you could facilitate her efforts to meet new people.
The business of selling “selfie sticks” — telescoping rods that hold a cellphone far enough away to facilitate a really good shot — is robust enough to make many retailers place large kiosks of them near the checkout register.

Narcissism: In psychoanalysis, narcissism is erotic gratification derived from excessive love for…