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How Technology affects teenagers. But first what is technology? Technology is the way of improving to do things, Such as machines and devices to make our lives eaiser. Technology is used by teens everyday, and for many hours a day, and there is a positive and a negative side to the use of technology. In my own life I use technology in or out of school. Teens rely to much on their technology and it could be having a harmfull affect on them. We are trapped with using our technology, like intrent, video games, cell phones, textin and social newtwork sites and teens are becoming more dependant on their uses of technology. Rather than having teens go outside and meet there friends face to face they rather sit at home on their couch and text. Texting has a big affect on teens because over text teens tend to not care how they spell and they send short two letters that would mean about 4 words so this would effect there spelling in school. Lots of young adults and teens text while they drive they think they are soo confiedent in there multitasking but theres only a small percentage of a number of people who can do that. So teens are texting and driving at the same time, they are soo addicted to there device that they cant even stop and text after they are done driving, they all know what could happen, that they could get into a serious accident but they think that it could never happen to them becasuse they are such conifient in them self.
Teens are becoming so addicted to