Mobile Phone and Technology Change Ways Essay

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How technology change ways of people living

Technology, a big part of our society is one of the thing that is changing the way of people living. Teenagers can’t live without a phone and others feels like a part of them is missing when they not carrying a portable computer to work or any order places. Technology not only has good aspect but also contains bad ones.
People now our days does not realize how much technology they and their family use everyday. According to “Nicholas Carr’ in “does the internet make you dumber?” he stated that for the past years technology has made people’s life more easy. For some people they can not get anything done with their smart phones, they need it to make up schedule and to remind them what they have to get done in a daily basis. The alarm clock is almost out of fashion the smart phones are now replacing them to wake people up in the morning. when it comes to children technology is something they use as much as they drink water. When they away they can easily communicate with their parents and inform them that something is wrong just by a quick text message from their cellphones. Not only does technology provide us with way to better communicate but it also help us to make research for example students can easily inform themselves to make a better project or research paper. When it comes to seniors they don’t need from a room to another to call for help, they can now carry a portable alarm to inform the police just by pressing one button.
Everything as a second effect and its usually the contrary of being good or bad. According to Ayden corker in “The Negative Effects of Advancing Technology in Society” we understand that technology could have its benefit but it could also affect us with its negative aspect. Cell phones could be a helpful device to help us communicate better but when people become obsessed to it they then get involve in car accident because they get lost in their phone, and don’t pay attention to the road. Computer not only help students to make homework but sometime they take advantage of it to watch pornography and to download movies or music which is restricted by the government. Now our days student does not go to the library to grab a book to read and make their research paper but rather