Essay about Mobile Phone and Virginia Tech Transportation

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Cell phones can be a very dangerous distraction at any point in time. But while being on a phone outside of a car can be a danger to yourself, being on the phone in a car can be dangerous to everyone around you. If you want to risk your own life over something like using a cell phone then go ahead but if it puts other people’s lives in danger then don’t do it. I think laws on the usage of cell phones while driving should be enforced across the country. There has been many fatal accidents cause to talking or texting on a cellular phone. Talking or texting could be even more dangerous than drinking and driving. Drinking alters the mind and makes it very hard to operate a vehicle but using a cell phone can take you out of your surrounding environment completely. Drivers driving 60 mph cover the length of a football field in less than four seconds, which means that, while texting their eyes are on the phone and they’re blind to the environment around them for hundreds of yards. A study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that drivers that are texting are twenty-three times more likely to crash. By being on a cell phone and driving it risks not only your own life but also risks the lives of others around you. Drinking and driving is illegal because it can end the life of the driver or others around the driver. So why can’t being on a phone be just as bad if the results are the same as drunk driving. Just because the driver isn’t intoxicated shouldn’t make it