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Case Study 1
Introduction was born in 2000 taking advantage of a marketing opportunity when the e-commerce was just starting its way as the new era of the business. Now with offices around the world, is one of the most important companies in the touristic area, serving as a bridge between the accommodation suppliers and the customers.
-Current market and business need
During these years has been always ready for the changes and that is the reason why is still an active and strong actor in the market.
The current market of is online customers of all ages who are looking for accommodation for their holidays. is and intermediary between customers and suppliers making a win to win relation where all the actors are finally benefited.
The Business needs supplied are the necessity of offering a product/service and the necessity of getting product/service with the chance of comparing and getting great deals helped by the real time of rates and availability, this feature implemented by which become them in pioneers.
-Existing marketing opportunities explored a new market which was online customers looking for options on the internet, taking advantage of the e-commerce boom the world was been witness at the beginning of the new millennium.
This market has had some changes during this year due the technology, competitors, alliances and requirement of the customers.
The marketing opportunity took was the improvement of a service already existed but face to face or by phone basically. improved this service helped with the information and technology in order to provide a better service, faster, with more options and with the comfort of being at home in front of your computer reaching the best deals just with one click.
-New markets
The improvement of the technology has changed the initial target and has created new groups or sub groups, for example people looking for deals in tablets or mobile phones or people looking for bargains or promotions or luxury destinations. has known how to attack all the new segments and offers complete holiday packs with flight tickets, connections, accommodation and special events tickets.
Another interesting aspect about and its way or taking advantage of the marketing opportunities is the interaction between suppliers and customers what is more giving the chance to non-business people to offer their properties in a busy season in order to increase the benefits of that win-win relation.
As a result of the good strategy used to make that idea in a successful experiment nowadays we can see its contribution to the business as currently has offices in 16 other countries, including New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. is part of The Wotif group, which is listed on the ASX and trades under the code WTF.
-Marketing opportunities through innovative ideas use marketing opportunities through innovative ideas for example keeping pace with technology, Android and apple apps were created to keep track of users of the new era which spend more time using their mobile phone or tablet than their laptop or desktop. Also Nowadays allows customers to book the best event tickets, hotel and flight deals in one convenient booking.
-Relevant legislations and standards
The Relevant legislation standards are very important for any company as it is a way to demonstrate credibility to customers and get their loyalty. Some of those legislations standards that could be involved in the atmosphere are:
• The Privacy Act, as needs to collect some personal information about customers and that information has to be handled strictly for business purposes.
• Discrimination legislation to prevent discrimination with customers or employees.