Essay on Mobile Phone Apps - Uk - June 2011

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Mobile Phone Apps - UK - June 2011
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What is this report about?
This report examines mobile applications, or ‘apps’, that are installed and used on leading smartphone platforms. It considers how many apps UK smartphone owners download, pay for and use; the categories of apps that are most popular; how these consumers discover new apps; and how mobile apps affect consumer decisions. The report also investigates the attitudes of non-smartphone owners towards smartphones and mobile apps.

What have we found out?
Some 42% of internet users over 16 have smartphones as their personal mobile, with Google’s Android taking the top spot at 12% market share (of all internet users) closely followed by BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone at 10% each. One in five consumers aged 16-24 totes a Blackberry as their personal handset despite the phone’s beginning as a corporate device. BlackBerry’s popularity amongst the young is partly attributable to BlackBerry Messenger which bypasses text messaging charges, but it is under threat by similar apps appearing on other mobile platforms. iPhone owners are more likely to have spent money on mobile apps, with 84% having paid for a download in the last 12 months, compared with only 61% and 41% of all smartphone users and Android users, respectively. Some 64% of non-smartphone owners feel they only need a mobile phone for basic tasks such as calling and texting, but one in 20 of these consumers are looking to upgrade to a smartphone in the next 12 months, highlighting how smartphones are fast becoming today’s “basic handset.” Female smartphone users are less likely to pay for mobile apps, with 46% of…