Mobile Phone and People Essay

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The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal.
People have become overly dependent on technology.
University students should pass the English proficiency test before graduation

Argumentative Essay : People have become overly dependent on technology.


People have become overly dependent on technology
1. Introduction (paragraph 1)
A.Hook: Computer, hand phones, Internet, and latest gadgets such as GPStacking devices are not anymore unusual thing in our daily life.

B. Connecting Information
People start to use those technological inventions as their daily life needs.People’s life style has blend together with technology.

C. Thesis Statement
Although most of the people think that
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It’s a simple fact of the 21st century that we depend on technology for everything, and those who eschew it are somehow called backwards, out of touch, and quite often my parents. Still, do we require so much technology to function in today’s society, or do we just tell ourselves that in an attempt to continue feeling relevant? Is it really important that my Facebook friends know that I just sat down for dinner at my favorite restaurant?
I think the impetus for so much of this is fear of not keeping up with the new Joneses, who are frequently teenagers and young adults who couldn’t possibly give you directions to the library because they have no idea what a library is.
How many times have you stood in line, possible for hours and at the expense of your beauty sleep, to get a new smartphone that is slightly better than the smartphone you stood in line for six months ago? If you blushed and feel a little cheeky, there’s a very good chance you’re addicted to technology for the sake of technology, and not for what it can actually mean in terms of increased productivity in your life.
So, what can be done? Well, if you’re unwilling, then nothing. You’ll probably be one of those eventual parents who raises a child who will never leave the house, for any reason, because he’ll never have to. Everything he will need will be a mouse-click or a voice command away, including virtual vacations, long distance